This is the page where I allow others to tell you how great I am.

“It is paramount that I keep my body primed for competition in the NFL at all times. When I am back home in New Jersey, I make it a point to train at Peddie with Mike Volkmar. He has professional experience. He is incredibly knowledgeable. And he is a great motivator. My coaches know that I always return to work fit and apt to contribute. Clearly, I attest that to Mike.”         

Myron Rolle – Florida State University / NFL Player, Rhodes Scholar                                                                                                          

“Mr. Volkmar has been a huge help in helping me recover from a torn ACL and meniscus.  When I first started working out with him, I could barely run and had almost no muscle on my bad leg.  After meeting with him, he helped me come up with a workout plan that was a work of art.  By following my workout I was able to gain strength back in my leg and he prepared me for passing my Navy PRT!  With his help I am on the track to becoming the athlete I was before my injury and I will be prepared for Navy.  I look forward to spring term because I know with his help I will be even stronger then before my injury.”                                                                                                                    

Kaylie Davidson – United States Naval Academy Soccer                                                                                                                

“Coach Volkmar’s has provided me with the instruction and training programs to take my game to the next level. Thanks to his help I am entering my season as a more complete athlete and far more resilient to injury.”

ChrisLeach – Lehigh University Baseball                                                                                                                     

“I had a great time over the summer training.  It was a really good program.  it was very nice to meet some of the girls before preseason.  Coming in as a new freshman was hard enough but to not know anyone would be really hard.  I loved the program too.  it was very hard but i was much more in shape then some one of the other girls which was very helpful.  I was glad to have an edge over the other girls.  Not to mention getting to know the campus.  Coming into Peddie can be scary because it is a new place and you don’t know you way around.  To come to the campus early in the summer and get to the campus was very helpful in learning my way around.  The summer program was a great experience for me in many aspects.”  

Mollie Sommers – Peddie School ’15  Varsity Soccer & Track                                                                                                            

“Mr. Volkmar really helped me get prepared for the Division 1 level. He pushed me outside of my comfort zone, introducing me to a demanding routine of exercises. He showed me the basics my freshman year, and ever since, my strength has progressed immensely because of my continuous work with him. I used to be a player entirely dependent on my finesse in the game, but now, I can also count on my physical abilities. I can say that because of Mr. Volkmar’s support.”                                               

Brendan McSherry – Princeton University Soccer                                                                                                                  

“This year is my first year working in the fitness center and already it has made me a stronger and faster athlete. Coming into this year with a torn ACL, Mr. Volkmar set up a workout plan that was challenging, but also beneficial to gaining full strength back in my knee. He worked with my individually making sure each exercise was done correctly, and pushed me to challenge myself. Not only was this done for myself, but he also made workout plans for all the sports teams as well, whether its for swimming, basketball, running, football etc., he had it. I learned a lot about physical strength and techniques done when working out here in the fitness center. It definitely prepared me for not only sports but for when I am forced to do rigorous activities in the military next year. I absolutely recommend everyone to go and work this Mr. Volkmar because it will make you a better athlete!”  

Codi Mullen – United States Naval Academy Lacrosse                                                

“This fall was my first time training with Mr. Volkmar. In hopes of becoming faster and stronger for the spring lacrosse season, I set up a workout program with him. Throughout the fall and winter, I worked with him in the athletic center, doing both strength training and agility workouts. Mr. Volkmar paid close attention to every athlete’s form while training, ensuring that athlete was safe and preventing injury. While working with Mr. Volkmar, I became a lot stronger. Over the course of a few months, I was able to squat 200lbs. Although Mr. Volkmar pushed me to achieve this goal, he did not force me to keep going. He allowed me to tell him when I wanted to stop or when I wanted to keep going; he did not make any decisions for me and allowed me to make them based on how I was feeling. Working with Mr. Volkmar will help you achieve any fitness goal, and he will ultimately make you a better, faster, and stronger athlete!” 

Hillary Sorg – Towson University Lacrosse

“Coach Volkmar’s ability to transform our golfers to elite athletes is outstanding. They can hit the ball further, while avoiding injury. He is a huge part of Peddie success on the links.”  

Peddie School Golf Coach Ben Bickford

“Coach Mike’s programs are outstanding.  He creates programs that keep our kids in the pool injury free to break school and national records.  Every swimmer should train with Coach Volkmar if he or she wants to take seconds off their times in the pool.” 

Peddie Swim Coach Greg Wriede

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