How Strong Should You Be?

To create an apple to apple comparison for kids in the weight room, Relative Strength is the gold standard.  Relative Strength takes into account your body weight when measuring your strength to another person.  We do this do so a 155lbs High School boy can compare his strength to a 225lbs boy fairly. 

Based on 2 awesome articles by Dan John and Tim Henriques I created my own chart. 

Relative Strength Standards    
  BW 212 Good Great
  Bench 355 318 424
Shoulder Press 195 160 215
  Pullups 14 Pullups 8-15 Pullups 8-15 + 50%BW
  Deadlift 475 424 530
  Squat 415 365 455
Power Clean 185 215 265
Power Snatch 155 175 215

I included my own #’s in the ACTUAL column to give examples.  Also, the first question I would get is, “Hey Coach Volkmar, what do you bench?”  So there you have it. 

These are standards every American Boy and Girl should live by.  Except pullups, Girls you get a break there.  See Dan John’s article for more details.

Here is another chart developed by by Kilgore, Rippetoe, and Pendlay as written in “Practical Programming”  This chart can be a bit overwhelming, but still a great resource.





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