Day 20 of my 24 Day AdvoCare Challenge

Saturday, November 10th 2012.

Wedding Day.  Today I am going to take advantage of a beautiful city and no kids and go for a run!  Holy Shit, yup, i’m going for a run.  It will be my 6th workout this week and 5th day of “cardio.”  I am so proud of my self.  Food on the road was as best I could manage.

Pre Workout – SPARK

Today’s Workout – Cardio Intervals

Warmup – I did 2 quick sets of a leg circuit in the hotel gym to get loose and build up my heart rate so when i went running I was buring calories from the start.

DB Lower Body Circuit – 2 sets x 10-15 reps each

  1. Front Squat – 40 lbs
  2. Lunge with Rotation
  3. RDL / Good Morning combo – 30 lbs

25 minutes run.  I went for a run in Atlanta’s Olympic Centienal Park.  I was beautiful and reminded of my time in D.C. running around the monuments.  Difference was I was drinking my face off 3 days week and no amount of running and strength training would show results.  Either way, I sprinted the hills and ran the stairs when possible.  I jogged on the flat ground.  My heart rate ranged from 155 to 135 bpm.  I walked the few blocks back to the hotel for a cool down.

Post Workout – Meal Replacement Shake (MRS) + 1st Yellow MNS packet

Meal #2 – Roast Beef with provolone on sourdough bread from a local deli + small protein bar + Both white MNS Packets.

Meal #3 – Meal Replacement Shake (MRS) + 2nd Yellow MNS packet

Meal #4 – Chicken, bean, rice bowl from Baha Fresh + protein bar

2 jack daniels in the room while reading my book and my wife getting ready for wedding. so relaxing.

Meal #5 –Wedding reception and dinner at the wedding.  3 beers and lots of food.  It was a classy wedding with great food.  The bride and groom arrived in a helicopter to give you an idea.  So all i did was remove the buns from the burgers, crab cake, and chicken (with hummus) sandwiches and eat as much protein as possible….

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