Day 19 of my 24 day AdvoCare Challenge

Friday, November 9th 2012.

Today we are traveling south to a wedding.  Traveling and weddings can really be potential distastors in weight loss and body fat loss program 🙂  I actually wrote about this in a previous blog, now I can share with you my action steps (if you even care, and if anyone is really reading this, which i kind of doubt.  The only thing anyone will ever read is my results post, or look at my pictures, or ask independant of my posts.  So i guess I am writing each day for me.  My reflections.  My accountability.  My own reasons.  This may be a springboard to a daily of weekly blog of my thoughts on fitness, life, and AdvoCare…but who knows.

Travel day on friday.  We had an 8am flight.  Subway from the airport.  Check into the hotel.  Basically i had about 5 or 6 hours where it was going to be tough to eat (healthy).  So i added some peanut butter to my morning super shake to hold me over a little longer.

  • Before Breakfast – 1st Yellow MNS packet + Coffee
  • Meal #1 – 7:45am – Meal Replacement Shake (MRS) + 2% organic milk, ice, water + organic peanut butter
  • Meal #2 – 1:30pm – small protein bar.  Legal Sea Foods – salmon + brocolli.  shared fried calamari with my wife (i was starved, back off) 2nd Yellow MNS packet + Both white MNS Packets.
  • Pre Workout – SPARK

Today’s Workout @ Hotel Gym

Upper Body – Shoulder Press

  • Warm-up – Various Med Ball exercises + 1 set of core
  • Machine Shoulder Press – 8 sets of 3 reps.  I worked up to attempting the whole stack.  I was one short 😦

Metabolic Strength Circuit – 4 sets.  10 reps – 1st set, 8 reps – 2nd set, 6 reps – 3rd set, 4 reps – 4th set 

  1. Machine Pulldown
  2. Machine Shoulder Press
  3. Machine Row
  4. Machine Chest Press
  5. Dips
  6. DB Bicep Curls

No cardio today

Cool Down – nap with my wife up in the room

  • Meal #2 – Post Workout – Meal Replacement Shake (MRS)
  • Meal #3 – 12″ grilled chicken sub at Subway.  I was in some desperate need of some carbs!
  • 2 jack daniels in the room while reading my book and my wife getting ready for dinner.  so relaxing.
  • Meal #4 – Dinner at Ruth Chris with my brother in-law.  NY Strip Steak + broccoli and mushrooms.  The best stake i ever had!  Yes, I had 2 peices of bread.  2 beers.  Water

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